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The AI Chatbot Solution

We create chatbots that handles 90% of your guest questions!

The chatbot easily integrates with your website and 3rd party apps such as Slack, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, Trello, Telegram and many more!

Why AI Chatbots?

Your properties, always booked, each one with 5-star ratingsisn’t that the dream? Our AI Chatbot system makes it a reality.

Find the sweet spot between tenant satisfaction and time investment with our chatbot’s instant response to routine queries.

All we need are your support documents. We handle everything else.

Setup and ready to go in 4 hours.

Global Insights

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Customers believe that being able to message a business helps them feel more confident about the brand

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How Chatbots work?

Our chatbot excels in mimicking human conversation, learning actively from user interactions for nuanced dialogue.
It can integrate seamlessly into various platforms, such as websites and mobile apps. The chatbot is designed to scale with your business, effortlessly accommodating growing user traffic and data demands.

Best technology

Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and NLP, we blend theoretical insights with practical applications to deliver groundbreaking technologies.
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Chatbot Applications

Administration, accounting, FAQ and HR

Optimize your company's recruitment, onboarding, and communication channels while also streamlining administrative and reporting tasks. Our chatbot not only saves employee time and reduces costs, but also enhances the FAQ process.

Available in multiple languages including English, it serves as a versatile and efficient tool for immediate information retrieval.

Sales and marketing accumulator

Ensure 24/7 availability for your customers, allowing you to understand their unique interests and provide tailored product recommendations.

Gather invaluable data to streamline your analytics and optimisation processes, making it easier to refine your strategies and enhance customer engagement.

Support and issue Resolution

Automate Customer Support and Issue Resolution with our advanced chatbot technology.

Eliminate long wait times and provide instant, reliable answers to common queries. Our chatbot can triage support tickets, direct users to relevant resources, or escalate issues to human agents when necessary, streamlining the customer service experience and increasing overall satisfaction.

Our Work

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The Challenge

The client faced two key challenges:

  1. Limited Availability: Due to a demanding schedule, the client couldn’t promptly attend to incoming leads.
  2. Time-Consuming Qualification: The client had to manually ask a series of qualification questions to each lead, further stretching their already limited time.

The Solution

We designed and implemented an AI chatbot specifically tailored for the recruitment sector. The chatbot integrated seamlessly with WhatsApp, providing an easily accessible platform for the leads.

Key Features
  • Automated Qualification: The chatbot autonomously asked leads essential qualification questions, such as their right to work in the UK and relevant experience.
  • Job Listings: Based on the qualification data, the chatbot would generate a list of available jobs suited to the lead.
  • Data Collection: At the end of the conversation, the chatbot would gather the lead’s full name, phone number, and email.
  • CRM Update: All the lead data was automatically fed into the client’s CRM.
  • Real-Time Notifications: The client received immediate notifications for each new lead, allowing them to take timely action.

The Results

  • Increased Availability: The chatbot was available 24/7, ensuring no leads were missed.
  • Time Efficiency: The automated qualification process freed up the client’s time for other critical tasks.
  • Higher Engagement: The immediate response from the chatbot led to increased engagement and a higher rate of lead conversion.
  • Data Accuracy: With automation, the chances of human error in data collection were minimized.


The chatbot easily integrates with your website (all frameworks, including but not limited to: Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Craft CMS) and 3rd party apps such as Slack, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, Trello, Telegram, etc.

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A chatbot is a virtual assistant driven by artificial intelligence, capable of engaging with users conversationally. It can elevate your business by boosting customer service quality, enriching user interaction, optimizing various operations, and heightening efficiency.
For a customized landing page, the development cycle typically spans 14-21 days. This includes a one-week period for revisions based on your feedback on the final chatbot design.
The journey to develop a chatbot encompasses several phases: requirement gathering, designing the conversational blueprint, API integrations, rigorous testing, and eventual deployment.
Absolutely, we can personalize both the visual design and the conversational style of the chatbot to seamlessly match your brand’s ethos.
Our chatbot is highly versatile, capable of integrating with a multitude of platforms including, but not limited to, websites, social media channels, and messaging apps like Zapier, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack.
Our chatbot is engineered to manage complex customer questions effectively. It utilizes a blend of preset responses and, for more advanced requirements, integrates with ChatGPT for natural language comprehension.
Our chatbot leverages a sophisticated knowledge base to naturally comprehend and respond to user inquiries, such as “what services do you offer?” It goes beyond simple, menu-driven interactions.

Yes, our chatbot is equipped to gather user information and facilitate lead generation through interactive data collection forms.

We provide ongoing updates and refinements to ensure your chatbot remains current, effective, and continually aligned with your evolving business objectives.